About us

An incubation chamber for creative business ideas

Our heart:

At our heart is a core team who have been working together for more than 20 years. The core disciplines of communication, design, programming, motion graphics, sound and electronics come together and provide an environment in which to explore creative game changing solutions.

Because of the nature of our environment we are always exploring new ideas, technologies and approaches. Our diverse experience strapped with a heavy focus on the end user provides the perfect background for solutions that challenge normal conventions.

Our approach:

Look for the opportunity. Dissect the core business objective. Challeng assumptions. Ensure the end is a game changer. We then surrounded this with our passion to deliver user centric, digital experiences and interactions that are easy to use, engaging, highly visual in their nature and a delight for the end user.

Our principles:

The nature of our business requires that we hone a wide skill set to deliver a complete solution for our clients. This includes delivering a variety of media types and systems as well as integrating into a variety of hardware devices. We embrace working with best of breed suppliers who are experts in their own fields and over the years have built up a wide network of partner companies that we work with. Out of necessity we have gotten our fingers dirty in technologies and components that are outside our skill set simply to ensure the client gets the best solution. The end result is a core team that has an enormous practical, hands on knowledge base to get the job done with an extended network of expert partner companies to draw from.