About us

101 Collective is passionate about using digital solutions to create business opportunity for our clients. We develop creative, interactive solutions for plasma, touchscreen, desktop and a variety of devices, that are engaging, easy to use and highly visual.

At our heart is a core team who have been working together for more than 15 years. Previously under the banner of Shift Interactive and now under 101 Collective. The core disciplines of communication, design, programming, motion graphics, sound and electronics come together and provide an environment in which to explore creative solutions for business and people to communicate and interact with each other. These solutions may be as simple as how to get a message across in a 160 character SMS or as complicated as a multi-channel digital retail system.

Because of the nature of our environment we are always exploring new ideas, technologies and approaches. We love the challenge of putting our skills into action to provide creative interactive solutions that benefit our clients and enchant their customers.

We are a perfect blend between the advertising and IT industry providing creative engaging digital solutions that are brand compliant and backed by solid functionality.

Our approach:

We believe interactions must be engaging, entertaining and intuitive. The technology revolution has exposed us to a wide stimuli of experiences and we look for these same experiences in our interactions with each other and businesses. With the multitude of media and technology there is no reason why our interaction with businesses cannot generate these same experience we are used to.

All our solutions start by understanding the core business objective and matching these to a user requirement. We then surrounded this with our passion to deliver user centric, digital experiences and interactions that are easy to use, engaging, highly visual in their nature and a delight for the end user.

Our principles:

The nature of our business requires that we hone a wide skill set to deliver a complete solution for our clients. This includes delivering a variety of media types and systems as well as integrating into a variety of hardware devices. As our name suggests we are very open to working with best of breed suppliers who are experts in their own fields and over the years have built up a wide network of partner companies that we work with. Out of necessity we have gotten our fingers dirty in technologies and components that are outside our skill set simply to ensure the client gets the best solution. The end result is a core team that has an enormous practical, hands on knowledge base to get the job done with an extended network of expert partner companies to draw from.

Our skill set also straddles the communication and user interface side of projects. The past 15 years has dished up some interesting projects and we thrive on developing solutions that work for the end user. Part of the process is to understanding what message needs to get across and experimenting with visual mechanisms to achieve this. Observing the end user and iterating your solution to achieve the most effective communication is an important part of any ongoing project.

Our extended network of partner companies means that we are able to handle most requirements thrown at us. So give us a call even if your requirement does not appear directly on the list of service we supply, there is a good chance we will be able to help with a solution.